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Live Streaming Cameras Now on ALL GVSLL Fields!

Great news!  The GVSLL Minor and Junior fields now have live stream cameras installed to go along with the Major field!  Watch from work, tell grandparents and friends, watch from home!

To watch our games, go to yourgamecam.com, choose BASEBALL -> FACILITY -> GOLETA VALLEY SOUTH LL from the drop down menus, choose the field you would like to watch and then click “watch the game.”  

The games can then be replayed for up to 6 months.  The site also allows you to revisit a game and create and download a clip to keep forever!  Instructions on creating a clip are attached.

GVSLL would like to thank the following families for helping us achieve this exciting goal:

Junior Field - The Kooi Family (grandparents of Luc, Logan, & Parker Maho)

Major Field - The Fell Family

Minor Field - The Burnett Family, The Ewart Family, The Downing-Kerr Family, The Macaluso Family, The Rabinowitz Family, The Dawson Family, The Woods Family, The Anderson Family, The Stevenson Family, The Jimenez Family, The Blevins Family, Merrill Lynch

Technical Support & Hardware for Minor & Junior Fields - Vaughn & Dee Wipf


Field Status
Carp LL-Canalino School - Carpinteria TBD (5/28) 
DPLL JUNIOR FIELD - Goleta TBD (5/28) 
GVSLL JUNIOR FIELD - Santa Barbara OPEN (5/28) 
MINOR FIELD - Santa Barbara OPEN (5/28)